Fleet Management

Increase Fleet Uptime
Blown tires, dead batteries, and overheating engines don't just cost you money – they also waste time, lower driver satisfaction, and impair customer service. Real-time defect data helps you make instant maintenance decisions to keep your truck fleet on the road.
Maximize Fuel Efficiency
Fuel takes a big bite out of your budget. Our mobile data terminal is designed to reduce fuel costs and increase profits by identifying the routes, trucks, and driving behaviors that are most and least fuel-efficient. Unistrong terminal captures extensive truck performance and GPS fleet tracking data, including fuel consumption and idle time, to help you reduce overall fuel use.
Improve Driver Behavior
Drivers hold the most power to saving fuel and reducing the risk of accidents. Our mobile data terminal helps you improve truck driving performance with real-time visual driver feedback and robust reporting. You can set warning 
thresholds for speed, idle, and hard-braking to reward safe driving habits and get drivers onboard to saving fuel.