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Long-haul Transportation Fleet Management Introduction


The management of vehicles in modern enterprises faces enormous challenges. Due to the geographical dispersion

of the

operating vehicles, it is hard to track the status and routine of the vehicle in real time, and also difficult to monitor the driver's  poor

driving behavior. Meanwhile, it cannot avoid the personally use of vehicle, which affect fleet dispatching efficiency badly.

UniStrong's Long-haul Transportation Fleet Management solution provides enterprises with efficient fleet management dispatch c

enter through the 4G network. It can integrate the information monitoring and driving route planning of each vehicle in real time, and

supervise the fuel use efficiency and the state of the driver. High efficiency and customer


fully reflect the operational

effectiveness of the E9631.


The E9631 vehicle display terminal helps you improve driver driving behavior by obtaining driver status and output behavior reports in

real time. It can set warning thresholds for vehicle speed, idling time, sudden braking, etc. It also rewards safe driving behavior and

allows drivers to save fuel as well the safe driving reminder

Agriculture Fleet Management Introduction


Intelligent agriculture can improve agricultural efficiency by integrating technology into traditional agricultural operations and

promoting the development of modern agriculture. Designed to reduce the need for skilled machine operators, autonomous

agricultural solutions involve networked agricultural vehicles such as networked harvesters, tractors and grain carts, equipped

with cameras, sensors, on-board computers and GNSS. The entire vehicle network can be controlled via a handheld tablet or

mobile data terminal (MDT) without the need for a vehicle operator.

UniStrong’s Smart Agriculture Fleet solution includes networked agricultural vehicle combine harvesters, tractors and grain

trucks. By installing a camera on the vehicle, a centimeter-level high-precision antenna, and communicating with the E9631.

The real-time uploaded video data is used to analyze the vehicle's operating conditions. And the vehicle is arranged reasonably,

thereby effectively improving operational efficiency and liberating labor.


UniStrong’s E9631 intelligent agricultural field solution can quickly and accurately obtain local temperature, humidity,

precise positioning and other

information for easy farming operation.

Construction Vehicle Fleet Management Introduction


Intelligent engineering vehicle informationizing, through the integration of modern technology and traditional

operations to

improve work efficiency.  Detecting abnormal oil loss and illegal overload at any time, difficult command and dispatch, accurately

counting vehicle routing, empty load,  dump soil at specifed location, operate according to a specified route.

UniStrong’s Engineering Vehicle Fleet Management Solution can help the operating company solve the above difficulties.E9631 rich

functional expansion interfaces,support multifarious accessorires.  Uploading vehicle data to  platform. With Ublox module, locate

vehicle accuratly, dispatch the vehicle more effectively to reduce operating costs.


Driving-training Vehicle Fleet Management Introduction


UniStrong’s intelligent vehicle terminal product support the simulation test of the latest exams of Subject 2 and Subject 3, and

combine the fixed base station to achieve centimeter-level high-precision positioning that is completely consistent with the test

vehicle. E9631 supports the shared network base station mode. In the network signal covering area, you can upgrade the general

coach car to the test car with single one E9631 unit, which is cost-effective!

Centimeter-level Real-time Positioning

Taxi Fleet Management


Managing a large number of taxi fleets scattered throughout the city is a huge challenge.The traditional management methods

unable to make taxi fleet visiable. The E9631 is a professional fleet management  terminal that helps the management center

to perform vehicle integration dispatch and real-time location update, optimize driving routes, real-time communication, and

caculate accurate arrival time, quickly dispatch vehicles, ensure driving safety, and improve operational efficiency.