E9650 Solutions

Logistics vehicle applications


The management of vehicles in modern enterprises faces enormous challenges. Due to the geographical dispersion

of the operating vehicles, it is hard to track the status and routine of the vehicle in real time, and also difficult to monitor

the driver's poor driving behavior. Meanwhile, it cannot avoid the personally use of vehicle, which affect fleet dispatching

efficiency badly.UniStrong  solution provides enterprises with efficient fleet management tools, which help enterprises

solvethe above difficulties. Mainly connected by the E9650 to the back-end dispatch center through the 4G network. To

integratethe information monitoring and driving route planning of each vehicle in real time, and supervise the fuel use

efficiency andthe state of the driver. High efficiency and customer satisfaction fully reflect the operational effectiveness

of the E9650.


School bus application


Safety issues always being highly focused by social republic. Unistrong E9650 complete incode and storage of  audio,video

GPS and warning data. And upoad the data through 4G network, support OTA, pharameters modification,digital intercom,

remote capture etc operations. Background staff could use their account to authorise to check vehicles status. Also support

management on mobile app or computer


Coach bus application


E9650 telematic box with touch screen display, perfect meet the demand of bus tracking and management. Specially

for 3points: vehice safety, crime prevention, real time monitor. E9650 equipped with vehicle delicated processor, upload

passengere-data,vehicle data and warning data to cloud for future analysis. ADAS+DMS double ensured the safety driving.


Taxi fleet management


Managing a large number of taxi fleets scattered throughout the city is a huge challenge.The traditional management

methodsunable to make taxi fleet visiable. The E9650  is a professional fleet management  terminal that helps the

management centerto perform vehicle integration dispatch and real-time location update, optimize driving routes,

real-time communication  andcaculate accurate arrival time, quickly dispatch vehicles, ensure driving safety and

improve operational efficiency.